Friday, July 20, 2007

Me and my honey!

Fun with Fish!

Jeremy's roommate Marlin LOVES fish and has a HUGE fishtank in the garage with lots of fishies. Anytime Marlin goes out of town I get to take care of his babies, here are a couple of pictures. His name is Marlin Plank by the way, of course he loves fish :) I call him Marlicious or Marliciousness hehehe

Mikala's Apartment

I know it says apartment in the heading but technically it is a condo. That makes me laugh, the only difference that I see is my apartment I had in Fort Worth when I was 21 was MUCH bigger and cost $450 a month and this place costs $500,000 haha.....I love it though, luckily I am not responsible for the $500k. AND, the apartment in FW was about 5 miles from Lake Worth and my "condo" is less than a mile from the beach....I guess it is worth it :) The landscaping around the place is also amazing. There is a waterfall and flowers and plants everywhere. It is nice to come home...Enjoy the pictures!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome to our family page!

Hello! We are the Tilton Family. Michael (the dad), Libby (the mom), Mikala (the daughter) and Nickolas (the brother).

We all love eachother SOOOOO much! AND, for some reason I dont have any decent pictures of us all together so move it people and take some pictures!!

Hopefully we will regularly be posting things going on in our lives, Me (Mikala) in California and the rest in good ole White Settlement!